Servicing Northeast Florida since 1976
Below, we provide you with a sample of projects that we had the privilege of completing. Feel free to review some of our work.

All American Surveyors Projects
Victoria Lakes
Victoria Lakes is a subdivision in Jacksonville Florida
Courtney Isles Apartments
Courtney Isles Apartment Homes are located in Jacksonville Florida
Estates of Tuscany
Estates of Tuscany is an upscale subdivision
Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Guantanamo Bay Cuba is a Naval Base located on the eastern most part of the island of Cuba. It houses the holding prison for terrorist.
Jacksonville Naval Air Station
Jacksonville Naval Air Station is a major US Naval Air Station located in Jacksonville FL
Mayport Naval Station
Mayport Naval Station is a major US Navy sea port located in Mayport FL
Blount Island
Blount Island is a major sea port in Jacksonville FL. The USMC has a major part of the island.
Cleartalk Wireless Sites
Cleartalk Wireless Sites located in Northeast Florida

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